College Bound

Ever since I can recall, from jr. high up till now, I’ve pushed college out of my mind as far as I could, dreaming as if it’d be much too long for me to worry about. Even now, I still refuse to believe it.. Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest of the family. And that I don’t know how it feels to send someone off on their own into another world, other than my own that is. I really don’t know what to think about this situation other than that I’m going to living it, taking everything into perspective as if I never did before right mother? You know what my mom said when she saw me in my high school graduation cap and gown? “Awww he looks so unprepared for college.” Thanks mom, but it’s true. You’ve kept me ready for this moment as best as you possibly could, till the breaking point of stress. I know, in your mind, you still think I’m not ready yet, I am thanks to you and dad. Even after all the bitterness and resent I’ve kept in this here bottle, from this house and restrictions, I just might miss them. Maybe now, but not tomorrow haha. But really I will, and it’ll take some time to settle in before I can control it. But on a more curious note, I wonder, hmm, am I excited? F$%^ YEAH, I’M GOING TO COLLEGE WOO!~ <- I bet that sentence will be the eyecatcher that will make everyone read this and say lol waste of time <- Anywho, Sooo, any regrets? Oh just a few. Spending more time hanging out with the few people who really meant a lot to me instead of doing my maf homewok. The ones that I’ve kept trust with, not losing it. Here’s another one, Carpe Diem, to seize the day and make it your own. But that’s what high school is for! To gain exp and to level up your pokemon so you don’t get your ass kicked by the 7th gym leader. Well I guess I’ll miss you rancho and your inability to keep teenagers entertained for too long. It’s okay though, we always find a way. Well, it’s time to welcome San Diego with arms broadened. Hopefully, UCSD will give up trying to screw me over and give me a break after a while or not. I will accept both. After all, I’m used to ALL THE IRONY I’ve lived with up to till now. As for self-awareness, I promise not to let college life consume my mentality. If anything, I’ll fulfill Toress’s prediction. -“You know those nerdy kids that go to college and come back as the sexiest guy there? Well BRANDON KURNIAWAN is going to be THAT guy.”- Thank you dearly Mrs. Torres. I’ll keep that in mind as I eay myself silly with all the food I’m going to get. Before I forget, thank you so much everyone who was able to say goodbye today. Errick, JM, Barbie, buddy, and everyone else I can’t think of right now. Thank you so much for the capo and picks Barbie JJJJJ My future career as a small guitarist serenading women has reached a new zenith. Keep my Domo safe, I’ve had it throughout high school x] Errick, I’m sorry we couldn’t spend much time driving around recklessly like pimps. When I come back, I’ll let you know if I’m in the mood for some adventure. I look forward to a drive up northeast with our backs turned and sunglasses on our faces. JM, write this entire thing in your yearbook starting NOW: “It’s been four years since I can remember. It’s too bad you weren’t with errick and i in jr high. then ALL of high school would be a party haha. Thank you for letting me be your right-hand man through all the shit we’ve been through hahaha. I’m sick of all these letters, it’s confusing as hell. one day, someone’s gonna have the same letter and there goes the clarity… and at special times, you are wrong.. im right. We both came out strong from this hell and anything else will pass by in good time. Time and distance <3 It’ll take a while, but I guarantee it. Thanks to steven, I’ve fallen face flat off my bike so many times that I can’t even count. It’s too bad you gotta go to school with my mom. that’s weird to say lol. have fun carpooling :D Both you and Errick need to find something to do for yourselves other than school.. I’m serious -__- I promise you both I’ll be coming back sooner than you know. College will eventually drive me insane.  Morris, If you were here, this would be complete. Haha but really, i’ll see you soon mang. Have fun at berkeley and use magnums. they’re more durable. but not reusable. I can’t wait until the next cabin trip…………. .. . And it’s okay, all of this isn’t gay at all cuz that’d just be straight out gay -__- sorry for not seeing everyone off. So, until then I guess. -bkimage

Later Rancho (for the meantime)

So I guess tomorrow will be my last day in Alta Loma for 3 weeks.

At this point, my mind bickers as half of it says YEAHHHH! while the other half says no :’( I know I’m going to have a very memorable time there because it will be the last time I will see the rest of my family for a long while. But at the same time, friends will be starting both high school and college and moving away. It’s both a loss and a win, and I wish I could have both. In my world, it still works that way.

But to the people I won’t be seeing for a while, I will surely miss you all and I definitely look forward to meeting all of you again. I know for sure, that by the time I get on that plane, three weeks will zoom by, and I’ll soon be flying back. And if it’s anything I want, I’d like things to remain the same during the longevity of my stay.

Hopefully, I will have a safe trip back and forth with no problems. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? I’ll miss you all. Thanks for the reasonable amount of fun at the beach, kc. Until then, I can’t wait to tell my life story to the lucky stranger who sits right next to me :D